Advantages of the house

Made of laminated veneer lumber


Advantages of a house made of glulam beams

The modern market of housing construction is becoming more and more focused on taking care of the environment. Wooden houses, the choice of people who very carefully select the conditions for life and are sensitive to their health. Innovative technology has brought the construction of wood to a qualitatively new level, eliminating geometric instability while accelerating the process of building construction.

House made of glulam beams takes care of your health

It is known that many building materials can cause allergic reactions, especially in children. Unlike other materials, glulam wood is a natural and environmentally friendly product that does not have a negative effect on the human body. The Holz House glulam log uses a safe glue of the Akzo Nobel concern, which does not contain formaldehyde. A similar adhesive composition is used in the production of wooden tableware and children's furniture.

That is why our glulam beams meet the highest European standard EN14080. The thickness of the adhesive joint is only 0.011 in(0.3 mm), and the glue itself is located inside the bar, without contacting the air space of the room. Glulam log preserves the natural air exchange and vapor permeability of wood, which is why we can say that wooden houses "breathe".


The structure made of glulam beams does not need additional insulation.


Holz House USA houses are highly energy efficient. The special design of the cup blocks the direct ingress of air between the crowns, and the presence of a "wind lock" allows you to almost completely eliminate the possibility of blowing. This ensures a minimum coefficient of heat loss of the house, and, as a result, a reduction in the cost of its heating and heating in the winter.


Applied modern design technologies and knowledge of the nature of wood as a building material, allow you to implement the most complex architectural solutions.

The finished building material

The high quality of the surface and the aesthetic characteristics of the glulam log allow you to almost completely abandon the use of finishing materials. In the interior of the house, glulam log is universal: you can leave the natural texture of the log using lapping compositions or paint the walls in any shade using a covering paint material.


The terms of construction of a house made of glulam beams are incomparably less than the terms of construction of houses using other technologies. The installation of the 2700 sq ft (250 m2) Holz House laminated log house on a ready-made foundation takes 4 weeks.
The house made of glulam beams does not require time for "shrinkage" ( shrinkage is on average 1-2%). This allows
you to start finishing work immediately after the installation of walls and load-bearing structures and build houses all year round.

Fire safety

Houses made of glulam beams are not exposed to open gorenje, they smolder and very well withstand the flame. The construction technology of our homes is designed with safe hidden electrical wiring in mind.

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