Quality of life

Ecology and comfort in houses made of glulam beams from Holz House USA

In combination with the environment
and comfort, living in our homes
will give you not only comfort, but also a new,
an unforgettable quality of life.

The impact of wood on the human body

Living in an accelerated pace of life and an aggressive urban environment, modern people need environmentally safe housing that is conducive to physical health and mental balance.

It is natural wood, embodied in glulam beams, a unique and natural natural material that has a favorable bioenergy and environmental safety. Being in a house built of glulam beams, a person will rest not only with the body, relaxing physically, but also with the soul, feeling psychological comfort and peace.

Living in a wooden house made of glulam beams creates a favorable emotional state, promotes psychological relief, reduces stress, and the smell of fresh wood not only calms, but also heals, thanks to the huge amount of essential oils and other substances contained in the wood.

An important advantage of wood as a building material in comparison with most alternative options for the construction of residential buildings is the vapor permeability or the ability to "breathe". Thanks to its presence, inside the house of glulam beams creates an optimal microclimate for human stay in the range of 45%-57%. This level of humidity prevents the natural spread of infections and makes life easier for those who suffer from diseases such as allergies and asthma.

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