Glulam laminated log

Produced by Holz House USA

The construction of wooden houses is the oldest, most reliable and proven method of house building.

Wooden log has many positive qualities and has irreplaceable properties inherent only in this building material. Mankind has long tried to find a material that can become an alternative to the classic wooden beam.
Glulam log is a noble material that conveys an atmosphere of respectability and prestige, emphasizing the status of wealthy residents.

Innovative technology has brought the construction using glulam beams to a qualitatively new level, eliminating geometric instability while accelerating the process of building construction.
Buildings made of this material today can be considered the best offer on the market of premium housing construction.

Thus, there was a house made of glulam laminated log. Nowadays, glulam beams are widely used by many specialists in the construction of residential complexes. In addition, the unique qualities of this material made it possible to use glulam beams in the construction of buildings for other purposes.

Environmental friendliness

Production and operation do not harm the environment. It is known that many building materials can cause allergic reactions, especially in children. Unlike other materials, glulam wood is a natural and environmentally friendly product. A similar adhesive composition is used in the production of wooden tableware and children's furniture


Due to the drying and gluing technology, the log becomes an ideal building material that does not undergo deformation, practically gets rid of cracking, and keeps its shape and dimensions over time. This is due to the peculiarities of gluing individual lamellas and their subsequent pressing, which help to achieve maximum strength.

Minimum shrinkage

A house made of glulam beams does not require time for "shrinkage" ("shrinkage" is on average 1%, 2%). This allows you to start finishing work immediately after the installation of walls and load-bearing structures, and you can build houses all year round.

Low thermal conductivity

The structure does not need wall insulation. The special design of the cup blocks the direct ingress of air between the crowns, and the presence of a "wind lock" allows you to almost completely eliminate the possibility of blowing.

High speed of construction

The construction time is incomparably shorter than the construction time of houses using other technologies. Installation of the 2700 sq ft (250 m2) Holz House USA glulam log structure on a ready-made foundation takes
4 weeks

Material safety

Houses made of glulam beams are not exposed to open gorenje! The log, burning on one side, practically does not heat up on the other. Special flame retardants" flame retardants " applied to the surface layer of wood, turn it into a difficult-to-ignite material with varying degrees of fire resistance.

Mega-log from Holz House USA is a unique product for those who want more

This is a powerful, fundamental glulam beam, and its main feature is the wide cross-sectional area, which is twice as large as the standard cross-section of the beam.

Application in construction

A house made of glulam beams in comparison with an ordinary wooden house

That is why our log meets the highest European standard EN14080.
Aesthetic properties
Less susceptibility to shrinkage

How to choose a section of log for your future home?

For small homes up to 1 600 sq ft, in terms of the aesthetic perception of the facades. it is better to choose a bar of the "classic" section: 7.3 in (185 mm) high and 8 in(202 mm) wide. Parts with a height of 11 in (280 mm) min or a width of 10 in (242 mm) and 11 in (252 mm) in this case will look bulky. To save on the interior walls of the house, you can use a beam of a smaller thickness, for example, 6 in (152 mm), the capabilities of our products allow us to combine up to three different sections of the beam in one house.

For homes ranging from 1 600 sq ft to 3 280 sq ft, glulam beams of almost any cross-section are suitable. classic 7.3 in (185 mm) x 8 in (202 mm) and high 11 in (280 mm) x 8 in (202 mm). Our company makes a cross-section line with a height of 10 in (250 mm). This is the "golden mean" for such houses. When building homes over 3 280 sq ft, the most commonly used log is 11 in (280 mm) high, the thickness of the aesthetic consideration is usually about 8 in (202 mm).

Glulam laminated log Holz House USA

Size: 7.3 in (185 mm) h x 6 in (152 mm)
Such wood is mainly used for the construction of suburban garages, bath complexes, where a high degree of heat and sound insulation is not required, as well as as a replacement for the wider 8 in (202 mm) / 10 in (252 mm) log in the interior (partitions) walls of the future house. This approach is more economical and reduces the amount of material in the home kit.
Size: 7.3 in (185 mm) h x 8 in (202 mm)
This is the most common piece of wood. It is suitable for all low-rise buildings and is the "golden mean" both in terms of the construction economy and the technical and operational properties of the future structure, since this thickness of wood is equivalent to 24 in (600 mm) of brickwork.
Size: 7.3 in (185 mm) h x 10 in (252 mm)
This type of laminated log is 20% warmer than its counterpart 7.3 in (185 mm) x 8 in (202 mm) and is also preferred for building homes in the northern strip. By choosing this 10 in (252 mm), wall thickness of the future house, you can be sure of comfort in it, even if the temperature outside the window is -40 °F. In addition, thanks to the "northern" thickness of the material, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating the house. This cross-section of the beam is 2 times higher than the quality of a round log with a diameter of 9.5 in (240 mm) in terms of heat transfer resistance.
Size: 10 and (250 mm) h x 8 and (202 mm)
11 and (280 mm) h x 8 and (202 mm)
This wood belongs to the segment of premium-class houses. Due to the higher height of each crown, compared to the usual 7.3 in (185 mm), houses consist of more crowns, which favorably affects both the aesthetics of the house and its thermal insulation properties.
Size: 10 in (250 mm) h x 10 in (252 mm)
This is a visually more "square" section of the beam in the entire line produced. Houses made of log of this size look solid and expensive, and due to the fact that the thickness of each crown is increased by 20%, they are also the warmest.
Size: 10 in (250 mm) h x 11 in (282 mm)
11 in (280 mm) h x 12 in (300 mm)
This luxury log is designed by Holz House USA for customers who have high requirements for a wooden house, so this type of log is most suitable for premium homes, as well as for serious public buildings, hotels, restaurants. The main advantage of this log is the high energy efficiency of the entire building. These homes are immaculate, warm and solid.
Size: 11 in (280 mm) h x 6 in (152 mm)
10 in (250 mm) h x 6 in (152 mm)
The beam of this section is used for the design of internal partitions in houses made of glulam log with a crown height of 10 in(250 mm) or 11 in(280 mm). This can also be applied to existing, built houses with similar log height, such as technical additional buildings garage, guest house, barbecue area, sauna.

MEGA log Holz House USA

Size: 14 in (360 mm) h x 10 in (252 mm)
14 in (360 mm) h x 12 in (300 mm)
This wood is quite deservedly called by us Mega-log! During the development process, Holz House USA specialists paid attention to those customers who have not only increased requirements for a wooden house, but also additional requirements for the reliability of the structure and saving heat and energy. That is why this type of wood is most suitable for high-class homes, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, offices and even shopping centers with more than three floors! The indisputable advantage of such a beam is the highest energy efficiency and its structural reliability.

The attachment points of the beam

Video to bowl with the wind castle
Oblique bowl with wind lock
Dovetail (T-shaped)
Dovetail (90 degrees)
Dovetail (45/135 degrees)
Installation of floor beams

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