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Glulam laminated timber from Holz House USA

Fachwerk technology or frame construction originated in Germany around the 12th century. With this design, the building is supported by vertically installed supporting pillars with inclined spacer beams. These supporting pillars and beams, made from natural building materials, are visible from the outside of the house and give the building its distinctive appearance.

About Fachwerk

The frame structure of the house makes it possible to easily implement almost any wishes of the customer regarding the architecture and layout of the future house, and, if necessary, even after the completion of construction, to redevelop the premises at the lowest cost. The actual absence of shrinkage makes it possible to use any finishing materials for filling walls, making floors and ceilings.

The most modern trend in architecture today is frameless panoramic glazing of the frame of a half-timbered house, thus maintaining the geometry of the frame and relieving the space as much as possible.
Glass walls in half-timbered houses are a double-glazed unit, which is an integral system with increased safety, strength and sound insulation.

- Fachwerk with glulam laminated timber filling.

Wall filling:

The future cottage will keep warm much longer than in ordinary houses.

- Fachwerk with frame filling.

The walls consist of an insulated wooden glulam frame frame and can be sheathed with a block house, imitation timber, or painted plasterboard.

Floor-to-ceiling glazing, excellent natural light, spaciousness and fusion of the space of the house with the surrounding nature attract more and more connoisseurs of this trend. Half-timbered houses are the choice of those who do not just want to build their own house, but to create a real family nest, a house for several generations.

Half-timbered houses carry the image of a house with a respectable and colorful history, attracting people who prefer houses in an unusual architectural style. The timber frame, deliberately exposed with trim, creates a sense of stability, security and grandeur of the building.

Fachwerk technology is used to build not only low-rise residential buildings, but also hotels, schools, office buildings, country residences and even entire villages, and the high load-bearing capacity of glulam structures makes it possible to produce interfloor floors from monolithic reinforced concrete.

The architecture of a half-timbered house has its own unique style.
The wooden frame of a half-timbered house carries the entire load, therefore, filling the openings between the racks can be made of a variety of materials - stone, brick, blocks, glulam beams, panels with mineral wool insulation, modern double-glazed windows.

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