Interior design

Interior design in glulam log houses by Holz House USA

Stages of building a house

To understand what role a design project plays in achieving a high-quality result, it is necessary to consider the process of building a house from glulam beams in stages.

Type of heating devices and their connections
The number and type of plumbing fixtures, their dimensions and binding
Wall material in bathrooms and wet rooms
Location and type of ventilation grilles
Location and weight of the fireplace, its overall dimensions

To properly arrange communications, you need to know in advance:

Furniture layout plan with bindings and overall dimensions
Plan of outlets and switches with bindings
The number of lighting groups in each room and their dimensions
Power of kitchen equipment and its binding
Weight and location of lighting fixtures
Location and weight of the fireplace, its overall dimensions

This is just a part of the questions that you will need answers to at the design stage, and these answers are contained in the design project! Without this information, it is impossible to calculate with high accuracy all engineering systems and structures, their cost, complexity and duration of execution.

It turns out that the design project is not only the style and color scheme of the interior space of the future house, but also a detailed study of the functional elements, first of all-it is the basis for laying all engineering networks.

Typical errors in the inattentive attitude to the design project

neglecting it leads to mistakes that lead to an increase in the cost, construction time and frustration of the customer.
The house made of glulam beams does not forgive mistakes. It is almost always impossible to fix them unnoticeably. There will always be a trace or a patch, and the house will have uncomfortable and ugly elements and systems.

We recommend that our customers entrust the development of a design project to professionals. Sometimes there are exceptions: when the customer himself has a specialized education, experience, a sufficient amount of free time, understands what he wants and knows how to achieve it. In this case, he may well be engaged in the design project himself. In all other cases, independent development of a design project or

Inaccessible sockets;
open wiring;
insufficient or excessive lighting;
inconvenient opening of doors;
back-blowing air conditioners;
lowering the height of the premises;
visible communications;
elevation differences;
a bad color combination;
the lack of comfort;

Typical errors:


The practical benefit of a design project is actually very high for both the customer and the construction company.
The design project contains the necessary information for a detailed study of the placement of engineering networks in a hidden form.
Inattentive attitude to the design project leads to mistakes, the correction of which always leaves a noticeable trace.

The cost of developing a design project is disproportionately less than the cost of work and materials for correcting errors.
The design project helps the construction company to develop the project documentation more precisely and to make the estimated calculation.
The customer receives guarantees that all his wishes will be taken into account and as a result he will receive exactly the same house as provided for by the project, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

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