Individual project

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What should be considered when choosing an individual project of a wooden house?

The key component of the quality of the house kit is a detailed study of the project of the future house. It is important to take into account not only the size of the walls, window and door openings, but also the entire engineering "stuffing". In order for the visible surface of the glulam log to be aesthetically attractive, it is necessary to lay heating, water supply and sewerage, electricity, and air conditioning systems inside the walls.
And to do this, you need to think in advance and form a complex network of holes and channels to make them at the factory. In addition, according to preliminary calculations, vertical reinforcement of walls, screed beams, embedded bases of pillars and other elements are made that are hidden from the eyes, but directly affect the service life, ease of operation and beauty of the future house.

Project documentation

Project documentation is created without the right to make mistakes, passing through several stages of verification by top-level professionals. Several departments are working on the project — architects, designers, and engineers. The ideal project reduces the time to build a house and allows you to optimize the cost of building construction.
Without a set of working documents, it is impossible to start the production of a house kit and the construction of a house on the site.

Creating a Home

During the work on the draft design, the customer approves the general architectural appearance of the building, the layout of all levels and rooms, and the approximate arrangement of furniture. At the same time, there is a choice of materials for the roof and the way of laying the structures of sewer, drainage and electrical networks, the coordination of casing openings for windows and doors.

Other designs

We are also ready to offer and consider your suggestions for other designs from our amazing product glulam wood!

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