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Partnership with Holz House USA

We are looking for young, talented architects to collaborate on bold architectural projects in the United States, both in individual home construction and in B2B projects. If you know the building codes and want to realize your talent, we will discuss the possibility of becoming a part of our HOLZ HOUSE USA team.

The development of a dealer network

Holz-House USA has a wide network of cooperation with development companies in different states of America. We are ready to cooperate with entrepreneurs to form our dealer network in different regions of the United States. Be the first to bring the Holz House USA experience to your State.


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Working conditions

We offer special conditions to builders throughout the United States for the construction of homes. The main requirements are experience in the construction of wooden houses, the qualifications and skills of the builder, professionalism and compliance with contractual obligations. Builders enter into contracts directly with clients for the construction of their homes. We supply complete sets of houses on the site and provide technical support.

We are open to your questions and new projects

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