Sawn log

Made of spruce and pine wood

Lumber company Holz House USA

Holz House USA lumber is made from spruce and pine wood. Coniferous wood is characterized by high strength and resistance to external damage, due to the high content of resin in it. The main period of tree growth is in the summer months, which makes the annual rings of northern tree species thin. Such wood is very much appreciated in the construction business. Holz House USA has its own estimated cutting area, so we can guarantee the quality of the raw material base that is used for the production of all lumber.

The planed products are produced in strict accordance with DIN 68126 on the modern high-tech equipment "Weinig Gydromat 2000", on the splicing line "Weinig ProfiJoint GRECON" (Germany). All sawn log is dried to 10-15% humidity in a modern drying complex of the company "INCOMAC" (Italy).

Strict product quality control at every stage of production

At each stage of production, strict quality control is carried out. Only precise compliance with the production technology of lumber allows you to get high-quality finishing materials.

Planed finishing lumber is widely used in country construction , construction of outbuildings (verandas, sheds, rooms for pets), construction of landscape design elements (gazebos, bridges, children's towns) and in other finishing works.

Preservative treatment of wood to prevent the appearance of cyanotic spots, fungi and mold ("Remmers" made in Germany).

Processing of ends from cracking ("Teknos" - production of Finland).

Cutting all parts of the house and joints of wooden structures (notches) according to your project.

Drilling holes D-1.1 in(28 mm) for fixing studs.

Drilling holes D-1.1 in(28 mm) for concealed wiring installation.

Packaging in a special breathable film to protect against precipitation.

Imitation of a log

The maximum length of the house parts is 40 ft (12,000 mm). If it is possible to combine different thicknesses of lumber (exterior and interior walls) in one project without increasing the cost.

Simulation of laminated veneer lumber
7.3 in (185mm) h x 2 in (51 mm) x 20 ft (6000mm)
Simulation of laminated veneer lumber
10 in (250mm) h x 2 in (51mm) x 20 ft (6000mm)
Simulation of laminated veneer lumber
11 in (280mm) h x 2 in (51mm) x 20 ft(6000mm)

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