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Product cost and Frequently asked questions

The composition of the construction kit of the house made of glued beams

The house made of glued beams includes a set of parts (constructor), ready for assembly on your site. The cutting of all joints in the lumber provided for in the project is carried out on CNC equipment, i.e. "Krusimatic G-1". (Switzerland), Krusi (Switzerland) and STROMAB Autoblox (Italy). Control files are created in the licensed software K3-Cottage (Russia) and CAD-program Cadwork (Switzerland).

The use of these software products allows you to produce parts of home kits with a high degree of readiness and accuracy. This guarantees tight connections, the use of additional finishing joints is not required and allows you to build a building as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The price includes

Preservative treatment of wood to prevent the appearance of blue color, fungi and casting
(Remmers made in Germany).
Delivery to the destination port for further transportation to the client's facility.
Processing of the ends from cracking
("Teknos" - made in Finland).
Packaging in a special breathable film to protect against precipitation.
Cutting all parts of the house and wooden joints (recesses) according to your project.
Loading of products in a container for transportation to the customer
Drilled holes D-1.1 in(28 mm) for fixing studs.
Drilling holes D-1.1 in(28 mm) for flush mounting.
NOTE: delivery of products to the customer's facility is calculated separately according to the prices of the logistics company and the distance from the port of arrival.


What kind of wood do you make a bar from?
We make glued beams from pine or spruce coniferous wood
species that grow in the taiga zone of the forests of Russia.
What is the optimal wall thickness required for a house?
We recommend glued beams with a minimum thickness of 8 in(202 mm). This wall thickness has the necessary indicators for thermal conductivity. The cost of heating in homes with such a thickness of log will be minimal. Go to our section on the selection of the cross-section of the beam.
Is it possible to make the outer walls 10 in(252 mm), and the inner walls thinner, for example 6 in(152 mm) or 8 in(202 mm)?
It is possible, but we recommend to make external and internal walls from a bar of the same section, for uniform shrinkage of the structure. The minimum allowable difference in the thickness of the beam, no more than 1.57 in(40 mm).
How many years can a house made of laminated veneer lumber stand?
For a house made of glued beams, if you follow the basic rules of operation, even 100 years are a normal service life.
What are the terms of construction of the house?
The approximate construction time of the house with a total area of 2150 sq ft, about four weeks.
What is included in the price of the "basic home kit"?
Power frame made of glued beams,
floor beams, truss system, mouldings.
Is it possible to buy only walls for the house and build it yourself?
Yes, you can. You can buy in our company a set of houses and all the necessary components for self-construction.
Whether You're building a house "turnkey"?
Yes, we are building a house. For more information, contact the managers of Holz Houses USA
What kind of glue is used for gluing log?
Only the most eco-friendly and high-quality adhesive system 1257/7557 produced by AkzoNobel (Sweden) is used for gluing log.
Is the glue harmful?
The glue is not harmful.
Does the bar tear along the adhesive seam?
The strength of the adhesive joint is higher than the strength of wood.
Does the glued log crack?
If the recommended temperature and humidity conditions are not observed, thread-like (spider web) cracks may appear on the wood mass. This is a normal process.
Is it possible to proceed immediately to finishing after construction?
It is possible, provided that a stable microclimate is created inside the room (a well-established temperature and humidity regime).
When should I paint the house?
The house must be painted immediately after assembly, if the temperature regime allows (the average daily temperature is not lower than 45 F).
Is it possible to make a change to a standard project and how much does it cost?
Yes, it is possible. The designer can change the project according to the customer's wishes. The cost of changes depends on the volume of the changes themselves and the time it will take to implement them. Each of our projects is individual and is created taking into account your wishes.
Do you work with individual projects?
How much does a house project cost?
The project of the house, in case of purchase of the house from us, costs the customer free of charge. The cost of the project depends on its volume and complexity.
What kind of windows do you put in your homes?
We are guided by the wishes and capabilities of our customers. We
can always offer a choice of wooden, aluminum, or
PVC windows.

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