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The composition of the construction kit of the house made of glulam beams

The house made of glulam beams includes a set of parts (constructor), ready for assembly on your site. The cutting of all joints in the lumber provided for in the project is carried out on CNC equipment, i.e. "Krusimatic G-1". (Switzerland), Krusi (Switzerland) and STROMAB Autoblox (Italy). Control files are created in the licensed software K3-Cottage (Russia) and CAD-program Cadwork (Switzerland).

The use of these software products allows you to produce parts of home kits with a high degree of readiness and accuracy. This guarantees tight connections, the use of additional finishing joints is not required and allows you to build a building as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The price includes

Preservative treatment of wood to prevent the appearance of blue color, fungi and casting
(Remmers made in Germany).
Delivery to the destination port for further transportation to the client's facility.
Processing of the ends from cracking
("Teknos" - made in Finland).
Packaging in a special breathable film to protect against precipitation.
Cutting all parts of the house and wooden joints (recesses) according to your project.
Loading of products in a container for transportation to the customer
Drilled holes D-1.1 in(28 mm) for fixing studs.
Drilling holes D-1.1 in(28 mm) for flush mounting.
NOTE: delivery of products to the customer's facility is calculated separately according to the prices of the logistics company and the distance from the port of arrival.


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