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Laminated Veneer lumber Holz House USA

In the early 2000s, I was able to visit one of the largest woodworking plants in Europe. Then it seemed that it was impossible to repeat this in Russia. Today I say with confidence that the level of equipment of our enterprises is in no way inferior to modern European plants.
-- Nikolay Yuferev, General Director of Holz House.

Factories for the production of glulam beams of the Holz House company

Every detail is important in choosing the company that you will entrust with the production of your future home. After all, only the house made of glulam beams, which is made on modern equipment from high-quality raw materials and in compliance with technology and strict quality standards, can be considered eco-friendly and reliable.

Holz House production is as open as possible to our customers. We invite you to visit our production sites in the north of the Kirov region. You will be able to personally see all the stages of creating high-quality glulam beams from Holz House.

Video from Holz House production

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